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Life before trade worlds.

hugegnomehugegnome Posts: 286Member
edited September 2018 in Commerce
I thought life was good before we had to go to a special world to trade. I would love to go back to the way it originally was. Worlds lasted longer, it was fun to build a shop in every one. Now they are all are explore to 50% and bounce. It was a cool idea but having to go to a different world to give someone a gun is time we could be doing something better . Plus these trade worlds all get filled with vacant shops and lag. I spent a lot of time in Times Square, more than most and at times it felt I was the only active shop owner there. After it all I love this game and just want it to succeed. That’s my 2 cents.


  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,085Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    Sirentist said:

    It's my personal opinion that adapting market worlds to disallow various forms of asshattery is just a stopgap measure. I think the fundamental changes to the trading system (limiting trading to a handful of specific worlds, preventing the trade of the highest-end accessories, limiting decent trades to premium players only, and refusing to allow world owners to create public/protected market worlds), while originally meant to combat the way players were misusing it, have had the opposite effect, and have turned out to be the single biggest mistake in gameplay development so far.

    I wrote the above back in October 2014 (in this thread: -- and I still think it's true.

    I originally thought special market worlds were a good idea. It took about thirteen milliseconds of actually having them for me to change my mind. Here's the original discussion about the introduction of market worlds and other changes to the trading system (most notably, disallowing the free giving of items on non-market worlds):

    Today, whatever their flaws, market worlds are probably here to stay. But I think the notion of a "developer-sponsored" or "official" market world should fall by the wayside. The 6(?) official markets should be de-marketized and the market world market truly opened up to all players. Yes, we will see an ebb and flow of popular markets. No, there will probably never again be a single world that everyone will always instantly know as THE main market world of the game. Both of these things are good things.

    I definitely miss, have missed since the very beginning, the ability to give freely on all worlds. Veterans giving stuff to new kids used to be a huge part of Deepworld's nice side.
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