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Android's UI (and my feedback)

I remember when I had gotten into DW in 2015. That account is long since defunct, but I remember a clean interface (something that you don't see too often on iOS).

3 years have passed. I'm (mostly) computer literate, have switched to Android, and I find out that DW now has an Android version. Wanting a rush of nostalgia, I download, and notice one thing. DW itself is just what I expected - but the UI is awful. It feels like I'm learning how to navigate my Day One XB1 all over again. Clunky and confusing. But hey, at least I can post here, and hope fully offer my feedback. My fellow Android players, please add your ideas too! I'd love to see them (and I'm certain that feedback will help out the devs). Do take my advice with a grain of salt, I'm a sixteen y.o. girl with no training in game development, game design or coding, I only can speak from the user's perspective.

1. Chat being overlapped with the movement joystick, and having no option to turn it off is poor design. I can't count how many times I've opened chat on accident while running from a Lord Brain. Besides, sometimes you need to turn it off while you raid something (if you're as bad at that as I am, at least).
2. The skill spec layout isn't as streamlined as it could be. I'd recommend just copying this layout from iOS. It was clean, simple, and it didn't take up my whole screen.
3. The profile, crafting, inventory and other menus take up the whole screen. If they took up a third (or a fifth on tablets), it could really help with the look as well.\
4. The start menu is ugly and clunky. Better than Win8, but still. Copying the menu from iOS is likely the way to go here as well, though I'd add a small subsection called "News" or something, to keep the usefulness of a link to dev updates from the app, since having that there is a great idea.

That's all I really have for now, but I'd like to hear the thoughts off my fellow users.


  • POFromHellPOFromHell CanadaPosts: 2Member
    Something I forgot: introduce a hotbar of some sort, one that goes from the top of the screen to above the mining joystick. Scrolling through items is just inefficient.
  • CptFrosty57CptFrosty57 Posts: 6Member
    Just downloaded today and I can agree that this is not the game I left on IOS a year ago. The UI is super clunky and I don't think we're even able to dance. I can't fly with my aquapack? I can't use different color skin tones even though I have the makeup kit and same thing goes for hair color. I'm sure I'll find more things.
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