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Logins arent working anymore on PC (Bug)

SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
I tried making a new account on my pc and this occured (see the Attachment)
It says I cant logout either because Im not registered, I uninstalled the entire game and went through my filesystem, deleting all bytebin and deepworld related files, and this wont go away....
If someone could Help me with this I'd Appreciate it... This was also happening earlier, I was able to make new accounts, but once I tapped out of the tutorial world, it would crash back to titlescreen and wouldnt allow me to enter


  • SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
    Is there a way to change your Login/Auth in the files? Please answer anyone...
  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,076Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    Did you actually go through and complete the tutorial?
  • SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
    Yup, and by the way, a friend of mine solved this, hes a unity coder, he said there was a corruption in my Unity Conf.... :P
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