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New Building Competition!

XxcrunchynapkinxXXxcrunchynapkinxX Posts: 24Member
I will be starting a new building competition. the entrys must be built at crunchy's comp. i will be doing what detech did by asking for sponsors. I am doing this because the dw community is dying i want to keep tho game fun! the theme will be industrial and prizes are not certain but so far i have 40 onyx worth of items in the prize pool. if you have any questions or donations contact me on discord because i'm on there more than the forums. (my discord is crunchyhole#4145) comp will last till may 15th and judging will be done by may 16th. also if you want to be a judge ask me on discord.


  • XxcrunchynapkinxXXxcrunchynapkinxX Posts: 24Member
    i put last post in the wrong category by accident.
  • TescosTescos SawConPosts: 259Member
    Whats the theme? and we already have 8weekscomp going on until may
  • XxcrunchynapkinxXXxcrunchynapkinxX Posts: 24Member
    edited April 9

    The theme is industrial. And I thought the 8 weeks comp was started in February wich was over 8 weeks ago.

  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 320Member
    How big can we build? I have a bunch of sick ideas but they kinda big..
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,268Member, Arbiter

    8Weeks is due to end on April 23rd. 8 weeks after it started.

  • ItzYeBoiNubItzYeBoiNub Posts: 55Member
    edited April 9
    AMWhy said:

    8Weeks is due to end on April 23rd. 8 weeks after it started.

    Didn’t the deadline increase to May 26th- It says so in 8WEEKSCOMP
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,268Member, Arbiter

    Oh? If that's what it says in the world then I guess so. I haven't been to the world in ages. Christian07 is the competition runner. I just own the world it's run in.

  • XxcrunchynapkinxXXxcrunchynapkinxX Posts: 24Member

    The 8 weeks comp must have started late Feb then I guess. I thought it was over. I don't have much knowledge of the comp because I never entered and went in the world twice.

  • EXPGamingEXPGaming Posts: 155Member
    edited April 12
    Jeez..Are you new to making comp’s my dude?
    Everything is all over the place 🤭
  • PatrickRPatrickR Posts: 129Member

    Already making good progress.

  • BonBonBonBon Posts: 6Member
    I sponsored this comp and my sponsor is no longer on the prize board. crunchy can u put the smash back please.
  • DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaPosts: 2,132Member
    Congrats to Fanta and Bonzi for first and second place! Your entries are quite incredible!

    Awesome comoetition!
  • ItzYeBoiNubItzYeBoiNub Posts: 55Member
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