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Stop Calling me a Duper!

Area_51Area_51 Posts: 9Applicant
Im sick of it, Ive muted about 7 alts of Onyx13 and james, and also muted Evade, Gazz, and tetris because they all keep calling me a duper! I dont get why people cant understand that sometimes people who are new CAN get rich... I payed for premium and crowns and started playing, and on the first day, google and pleb were doing giveaways, I didnt know either were dupers/hackers undtil later but everyone was swarming them, so I followed and I managed to snag 1 mammoth and 2 notches (1 pleb just gave to me for some reason) I eventually lost both notches (one to a dare, and a maw (Someone bombed me before I could mine it)) and then I was just left with a mammoth and a solar dio that fall barrowed me, than I began to get lucky, naturally finding onyx and rares, and even a hunter, I then eventually sold those and my mammoth and nearly all my items for a market converter which got deleted by Iibxrnz, inwhich fall donated some things to help me, and now Im somewhat good, but today it got out of hand, half a server yelling at me and calling me a duper... So I sold half my items and bought the best pickaxe, than everything else I placed in the world... So now Im just a poor kid with a plat pick. yall happy now? Yall finally happy Im poor? You got your wish for me to not be a rich lvl 19.... So stop harrassing me and just leave me alone!


  • SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
    You know, I haven't been on to notice such a thing as Bullying or harassment, but I will say, people nowadays will simply say things like that because they are angry/jealous, because they know the developers and arbiters are hard on duping. Just ignore them and I hope you have a better day..
  • Area_51Area_51 Posts: 9Applicant
    Tyvm sploosh
  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,086Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    Okay here's the deal. No one likes cheaters or the people who profit off of them. Whether you realized it or not, you basically got super rich super quick off of cheaters and dupers. Now you're mad because people got mad at you and because your reputation is in the toilet.

    Your best course of action might be to simply change your name and start over.
  • Area_51Area_51 Posts: 9Applicant
    I pretty much gave up on this... I did semi restart
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