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I made [redacted]?

Area_51Area_51 Posts: 9Applicant
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Ok, so this got me into a creative mood today, I was playing around with [redacted] and Below I have included some screenshots... Someone warned me ingame that this is relative to the old dupegate glitch so I shouldnt share the process [redacted] (honestly I believe its a harmless bug that could be enormously useful for creators making maps and such, [redacted])

The examples are in [redacted] if you wish to investigate them further
And Pm me at Area_51 if you want me to [redacted] for you! Im happy to provide for other people if needed!

Screenshots below :)

[image link redacted]

(On ipad so I cant upload files)

[Edited by Siren to remove potentially cheaty material]
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  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,086Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    edited April 17
    Okay, lemme see if I got this right. In the other thread you're really upset about people calling you a duper or cheater or whatever. Then in this thread, you decide to publish what you know is a bug that is connected to duping, even after people tell you that you shouldn't share the process. Seriously, what are we supposed to think?

    I have removed the relevant info. If you want to play with fire in-game, that's fine. But it's not okay to post stuff on the forum if you KNOW people can misuse it. Sheesh.
  • Area_51Area_51 Posts: 9Applicant
    edited April 17
    I never said it was a cheaty glitch, I just noted that some random player said I was using some kind of old glitch that was related... all it is, is literally [redacted]... and next thing you know, I have 3 different locations of being yelled at for posting this... when I didnt even include the proccess of the glitch... So much for wanted to add something unique for the building community to play with... everyone gets their panties in a ruffle.

    And dont pull that “your makiing yourself look more like a duper” thing... so... what? Is duping now an emotion? Are players just judged and called dupers because of people calling them that based on their mentality and personality... I mean comon.
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