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So I got scammed, So here is what I have to say.

So i got scammed not too long ago I lost 14 onyx. by a guy named Vanth.
I know it was too stupid of me to trust that guy.
We all makes mistakes here right? no one is perfect.
so Let me just get to my point.
If you got scammed don't make a big deal about it. (BEFORE YOU REACT READ THE WHOLE THING FIRST)
A scammer will always be a scammer and no matter how hard you kindly ask they will never give your stuff back, and the things you've lost on Dw doesn't depend your life on it. It's just a game guys!
you can work hard to gain it back again, at least you can prove to the scammer that you have a stronger reputation than them (the scammer) and you will never fall for there tricks again.
think about this guys they hold of a bad reputation.
you lost some stuff???
you can regain it again bro!!!
- but I'm not holding back on your guys opinion
for a Disclaimer This is just my own Opinion. Cya guys in the game :D



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    im still new to this website dont bother this comment
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