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Un-official Forum Game - 20 Questions - No Prizes, Just Fun!

vin_venturevin_venture Minion Training Facility 274Posts: 1,246Member
I miss this game. Let's get it going again! Here's my rules:

-Chosen nouns must be appropriate for forums.
-Chosen nouns must not be obscure.
-Chosen nouns do NOT have to be Deepworld-related.
-I don't care if you pick a word that has already been chosen. Keep people on their toes. ;)
-Questions must be phrased for yes/no answers.
-You may ask as many questions as you want without taking turns. (Please, no "does it start with a, b, c, d....?" questions)
Remember that the goal is to guess the object within 20 questions!
-The FIRST person to post the correct answer picks the next word/answers questions.
-If whoever is "it" doesn't reply to questions within 24 hours, whoever is active can pick a new "it".
-There are no crown prizes, but I will happily dole out imaginary AWESOME points to winners and anyone who is involved in a round that is over in 20 questions or fewer. XD

Ready? I'm thinking of something....go!



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