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Creative mode suggestion

RoboXenoRoboXeno Posts: 12Applicant

Hello there devs of deepworld, id like to suggest like a creative mode but its like offline. It would be nice for that to happen. Theres these like settings if u want to be god or not, also like an access to all items in game. Its possible for players to maje builds, pvp arenas and other stuff. Also can it be both offline and online so other players can have fun with the world owner? If this message will change your mind, chat me on my discord: RoboXeno#1980 . Good luck being developers btw!


  • RoboXenoRoboXeno Posts: 12Applicant


  • MutinyMutiny ๐€๐ง ๐€๐ฅ๐ข๐ž๐งโ—Posts: 6Applicant
    Unforunately Robo, this will probably never happen. Mike is the only dev left, hes practically dead, and the games in enough trouble rn anyways trying to fix the duping and hacking problems.
  • RoboXenoRoboXeno Posts: 12Applicant

    What???? Where are the other devs? What happened to them? What happened to Mike?This duping problem, players take advantage of lag to dupe. I have heard news that players don buy acid vats cuz they heard they were duping the acid vats. They like make the world lag, then spam the placeable item on the wall. I know there is still hope, i know some players and guilds who can help sort this out. #SaveDeepWorld #StopTheDupingAndHacking

  • RoboXenoRoboXeno Posts: 12Applicant


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