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My reports from deepworld list

RoboXenoRoboXeno Posts: 12Applicant

Hey mods! I wanna help ya guys manage deepworld by reporting players that hack, dupe or doing anything bad here! I will be online anytime on deep world, and ill be watching out for them help you mods. Do any of you mods agree? Just comment. I'm petetheminer in deepworld so say hello pete if you mods meet me!


  • RoboXenoRoboXeno Posts: 12Applicant

    Sirentist! I need your help! Meet me at Steamson pvp! We have a bad griefer in our guild! I will also tell aventail about this problem ok?

  • RoboXenoRoboXeno Posts: 12Applicant

    Aventail is our guild leader btw.

  • 21Studio21Studio Posts: 7Applicant
  • RoboXenoRoboXeno Posts: 12Applicant

    What? For real? I have been noticing that hidro has not been appearing for like, um, weeks? I just know a few players who still remember hidro. I will tell this to the ones who have neen more experienced me in the game. I will be checking for new updates on the forums daily, you know. Be safe!

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