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why new players don't stay in the game !!?? (example from my gaming experience)

eleanoredeleanored Posts: 3Applicant
hi :) I know dw a old game since 2013. but I discovered this game this year. nd I liked toooo :)
but : there are a few problems I observed in the game ://
all the players say ''that the game is dying'' ''dw game is dead'' in the chat.
I see new players coming to the game but I dont see them again. Could it be because they were disturbed too much by other players?
as they disturbed us when we began.
I think, the reason why new players are not constantly in the game is the rudeness, disturbnce,causticity .... of some old players..
I loved this game and I m on game for playing game. but I constantly being disturbed by others. ( even some of disturbance players I have seen complaining from others on forum) even, some players are really just entering the game for disturbating. not for playing game.
how can I get rid of this. (following, stealing, try to disrupt what I'm trying to do .... ) reporting ? but I think reporting system is insufficient. They both disturbed me and they reported me today! (like a joke ) I just clicked to report ... how else can I report.
I can muted any gamer but he/her following me again.. and I'm getting tired of this


  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,085Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    If someone has specifically targeted you and is following you around, harassing you, send me a PM or an email (sirentist.deepworld [at] explaining the situation. You should also start taking screenshots because you'll need to provide some proof of a pattern of harassment.

    If you can give evidence of the repeated behavior, we can do something about it. Deepworld has an anti-stalking, anti-cyberbullying policy, and we WILL respond in verifiable situations of this type of abuse.

    Sorry you're having such bad experiences with other players :(
  • eleanoredeleanored Posts: 3Applicant
    ty for reply. but mail does not exist and I cant send pm :/ I don't want report anyone. but he annoying too much anymore ! I cant play game because of him.
  • eleanoredeleanored Posts: 3Applicant
    @Sirentist I need help. one of these player has attacked my private world now .
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