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I need help. I think I'm a getting some minor account invasion.

21Studio21Studio Posts: 7Applicant
So when I was a newb there was a guy called Hidro, in-game deepworld I asked for help because idk where did my power steam pack went (apparently I aredly equipped it and I didn't knew it was in my accessory slot -_-) he asked if he could have my pass so he could login and checked it I equipped it, he gave me jerky so too, about 3 days went by, I'm still a half-noob and unknownly a frost cannon appeared in my inventory, I thought hidro gave it to me via logging into my account because when I was online playing deepworld nobody gave me items, I sold the frost cannon for a energy pistol
2 weeks later (present date 30th May 2019) in 28 May I went to space and mined & grind, found 1 white crystal, was holding a diamond flashlight too, when I came back 30th may, my white crystal and diamond flashlight was gone, I'm surprised because it have been in my inventory the whole time, I suspect it could be hidro's doing and I'm wondering if I should rethink my life choices and immediately tomorrow change my password for deepworld, <-getting paranoid... Please reply, thanks for reading! I need opinions.


  • 21Studio21Studio Posts: 7Applicant
    Oh yeah hidro gave me the power steam pack btw
  • 21Studio21Studio Posts: 7Applicant
    Oh and I lost a uno pipe painting too
  • 21Studio21Studio Posts: 7Applicant
  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,085Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    Yeah, sorry, the minute you give out your password, you basically compromise your account forever. My advice? Start over with a new account. And don't give out your password to anyone, ever. Otherwise... welcome to the game? :)
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