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Server Update 2018.14: "Norfolk": UPDATED

mikelaurencemikelaurence New York CityPosts: 5,366Member, Administrator
Ok, here's what is cookin' in this latest update:


Remember this?

It's finally coming to fruition, almost 4 years after we announced it XD

Basically, the idea is that we can have entire randomized worlds as minigames, which seems like a pretty perfect use case for Deepworld's entire engine. Today we are going to test out QUARRY, a simple minigame where you earn shillings for mining minerals. Once the world is explored a certain amount, a countdown begins, and the winner is whoever earned the most shillings. But watch out -- you can only die 3 times.

But it doesn't have to just be minerals -- we're going to test out some different combinations of rules and see what is fun.

ALSO, new worlds will now be announced in-game, so if you see a QUARRY world pop up, be sure to head there quickly -- the game begins not long after the first player shows up in the world!


It's about time for a new order, don't you think? This one's for all the steadfast soldiers out there, so grab your guns and get ready to hunt some big bad brains for glory! Here are the requirements:

Level: 20
Creatures killed: 5000
Players killed in PvP: 25
Dungeons raided: 500

level: 30
Automata killed: 5000
Players killed in PvP: 50
Dungeons raided: 1000

level: 40
Supernatural killed: 5000
Players killed in PvP: 100
Dungeons raided: 2000
Inhibitors activated: 25

level: 50
Brains killed: 5000
Players killed in PvP: 200
Dungeons raided: 4000
Inhibitors activated: 50

level: 60
Brain lords killed: 100
Players killed in PvP: 400
Inhibitors activated: 100


New achievements for workshopping (e.g. crafting items with blueprints & machines). Get your labs ready ASAP!
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