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The race to eat the most jerky is really cracking me up for some reason XD


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  • IronManArcher
    This game had so much potential, now lost as a patcher’s playground. But, there’s still time to fix it. There have been several emails and messages to you telling what patches are being used, and how to better the game. Just say what else we can help with.

    I care about this game, and refuse to let it die. We do realize that you have been having difficulties in your life, but just check in on here once in a while to ban people or say hello until work can begin. Please.
    February 9
  • Osmium
    There is a player name AbeLincoln. Who is going around buying items for PayPal cash ,please ban him.
    January 30
  • Ice_Panda
    Nvm I need to talk to you
    January 17
  • Ice_Panda_YT
    Do you know Lisa?
    January 17
  • DakotaIsBack12431
    Yo where you at lmao
    January 16
  • Keegan
    hey mike My username is bob.the.builder . I went on my account today To find that uberhero has been on it And has taken 49 onyx And I can’t change my pass because I no longer have access to that gmail would you be able to change my gamil ?
    January 14
    • Sirentist
      In general these sorts of requests are difficult to honor because the email you made the account with is the way you prove that you own the account. Maybe if you went in game in the bob.the.builder account and used chat to make the request, then screenshotted the chat and sent that screenshot to the DW email ([email protected]), *maaaayyybe* they would consider it.

      Then again, since you gave uberhero access to your account, there's no way to prove that the person chatting is actually you, either. It could be uberhero -- or any other person you gave the password to -- attempting to gain solitary access.

      I think you might be in a bit of a bind.

      tl;dr: Don't use fake or temporary emails to create accounts and don't give people your password.
    I’m trying to get to Dw but servers down mike what happened Mike are you adding ocean or Jungle biomes jet like you promised before D:
    January 3
    • Chicken
      how old are you
    • Tescos
      thats not him in his pfp lmao
  • XxcrunchynapkinxX
    What happened to the servers? I want to know what happened, I'm hoping it's not serious.
    January 3
  • XxcrunchynapkinxX
    If you can help me get my account back it would be great. User .Soggyburgers. I don't know what happens but I stopped playing for a year and when I came back and tried to log in. It didn't work no matter what I did I couldn't get it back.
    January 3
  • Tescos
    wheres the xmas tree hat!!
    December 2018
  • Tescos
    you know you want to add a plat jet ;))
    December 2018